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The Seduction of Dracula story cast& release date

The Seduction of Dracula 2024 Story cast & Release date full info & official trailer

The Seduction of Dracula story

The Lure of Dracula is a 2024 film that revolves around a group of university students who go to explore the ruins of Castle Dracula. They must escape before Count Dracula awakens to become his eternal victim.

Genre: Horror

The Seduction of Dracula 2024 cast

Writer: Miles Jonn-Dalton

Director: Nicholas Malden

  • Miles Jonn-Dalton as Count Dracula
  • Antonio Mayans as Van Helsing
  • Ellen Wing as Lucinda
  • John Levene as Dr. Polidori
  • Nicholas Malden as Lestrange
  • Libby Amato as Elisabeth Bathory
  • Pia Bertucci as Carmilla Karnstein

The Seduction of Dracula(2024) Release date

February 28, 2024

Production companies of The Seduction of Dracula2024

Cinefilm Transinternational

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