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Camp Pleasant Lake 2024 Story Cast &Release date

Camp Pleasant Lake (2024)Story cast & Release date full info & official trailer

Camp Pleasant Lake Story

The story of Camp Pleasant Lake (2024) revolves around a couple who live in a new camp on an old campsite, which connects them to the cold past. Which unravels a 20-year-old mystery.

Camp Pleasant Lake Release date

Camp Pleasant Lake (2024) Release date is February 27, 2024

Camp Pleasant Lake (2024) cast

Writer: Thomas Walton

Director: Thomas Walton

All cast:

  • Jonathan Lipnicki as Jasper Meadows
  • Bonnie Aarons portraying Esmeralda
  • Michael Paré in the role of Rick Rutherford
  • Andrew Divoff embodies the character of the Evil Man
  • Robert LaSardo plays Angel
  • Devanny Pinn portrays Harper
  • Kelly Lynn Reiter as Echo Meadows
  • Mike Ferguson takes on the persona of Lucifer ‘Lou’
  • Elley Ringo embodies Grace
  • Marcus D Spencer appears as Brian
  • Paul Bradford features as a supporting character
  • Tyrone Evans Clark brings Julian to life
  • Christopher Sky takes the role of Mike Wilson
  • Leila Almas Rose plays Ruby Meadows
  • G. Larry Butler appears as Mr. Corbin
  • Paul Gunn is seen as Clay
  • James Di Giacomo portrays John Meadows
  • Greg Tally embodies Jonah Perrigo
  • Maritza Brikisak brings Darlene Rutherford to the screen
  • Rudy Ledbetter makes an appearance
  • Timothy Skyler Dunigan takes on the character of Matt
  • Dave Shecter appears as a Reporter
  • Jody Nolan features as Ross
  • Adam Treasure portrays Jamal Davis
  • Tom Batchelder is seen as Logan
  • Mary Jones brings Isabelle to life
  • Victor V Gelsomino features as Ty
  • Anson Days portrays Terrance
  • Kyle Clarington takes on the role of Knox”

Production companies of Camp Pleasant Lake

Safire Entertainment .Phila Dreams Films .Lux Angeles Studios

Genre: Horror

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