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Pastor’s Kid story cast &release date

Here is Pastor’s Kid story cast &release date full info

Pastor’s Kid story

Pastor’s Kid 2024 is a heartwarming true story of faith and salvation as college student Riley flees from her painful past of abuse and religious hypocrisy. So Riley realizes that God has other plans for her when an unexpected situation forces her to face the source of her troubles: Riley embarks on a powerful journey of faith, deliverance, and healing.

Pastor’s Kid Release date: March 15, 2024

Genre: Biography and comedy

Pastor’s Kid cast:

Writer: Benjamin Ironside Koppin Kristin Koppin

Director: Benjamin Ironside Koppin

  • Courtney Bandeko as Riley
  • John Flanders as Pastor
  • James C. Burns as James
  • Krista Morin as Karen
  • Benjamin Ironside Koppin as Randy
  • Caleb Thomas as Anthony
  • Peyton Dilweg as Sarah
  • Sarah Glassman as Young Sarah
  • Samual Charles (credited as Sam Krumrine) as Lance
  • Giovanni Jones as Gio
  • David Lee Hess as Predator
  • Michael Sean McHale (credited as Michael Hennessey) as Predator
  • Joshua Matthew Peters as Tim
  • Marisol Miranda as Young Riley
  • Ryan Q. Tran (credited as Ryan Tran) as Liquor Store Cashier
  • Courtney Rice as Store Manager

Pastor’s Kid official trailer

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