Accidental Texan 2024 Posters in which three people are standing not together, one is in one corner of the picture, one is in another corner and the third man is below. These three are the characters of Accidental Texan movie.

Accidental Texan story cast & Release date

Here is complete information about Accidental Texan story cast & Release date

Accidental Texan story

Accidental Texan is a 2024 movie. The story of the film revolves around Arun Vandeveer, a Harvard student. While stranded in Buffalo Gap, Texas, he met Merrill. Merrill is an experienced oil driller who is about to lose everything he owns. Merrill asks Erwin to pose as her landlord to deceive the police and the owner of the oil company.

Genre: comedy

Accidental Texan Release date

Accidental Texan Release date is  March 8, 2024

Accidental Texan Cast

Writer: Julie B. DennyCole Thompson

Director: Mark Lambert Bristol

  1. Thomas Haden Church as Merle
  2. Rudy Pankow as Erwin Vandeveer
  3. Carrie-Anne Moss as Faye
  4. Bruce Dern as Scheermeyer
  5. AnnaClare Hicks as Shay Tatum
  6. David DeLao as Mule
  7. Selase Botchway as Big Gus
  8. Jake Ryan as Chad Ronson
  9. Mark Nutter as Don Brock
  10. Brad Leland as Max Dugan
  11. Julio Cesar Cedillo as Sheriff Nall

Rest of the cast listed alphabetically:

  1. Sarah J. Bartholomew as Tara Lane
  2. Kasey Bass as Beautiful Woman
  3. Tatiana Belenky as Film set crew member
  4. Dave Bodenbender as Office Worker
  5. Brady Box as Young Merle
  6. E.A. Castillo as Security Guard
  7. Carlton Caudle as Floyd
  8. Jarrod Dixon as Construction Worker
  9. Jessica Irvine Drake as Roxie
  10. Jennifer Griffin as Martha Hilliard
  11. Ivan Jacobs as Diner
  12. Jason Neal James as Seedy Guy
  13. Jordan Hunter Jones as Special Effects Tech
  14. Robert Ashker Kraft as Sun Pride #1
  15. Jack Leblond as Cecil Thomas
  16. Tracey Lee as Office worker
  17. Stevie Marceaux as Talent Agent (voice)
  18. Luis Olmeda as Surly Bob
  19. Ashley Ella Park as Candice
  20. Coy Sevier as Moose
  21. J.J. Summers as Max’s driver
  22. Vivi Thai as First Assistant Director
  23. Martha Van Garza as Scripty (as Martha Louise)
  24. Brian Villalobos as Simon
  25. Heath Young as Diner patron (uncredited)

Accidental Texan official trailer

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