This website is one of its kind and aims to bring information about movies to people.

We realized that people all over the world want to know about movies.
That is why this website is designed.
We will bring you complete information of movies.
We publish articles that increase people’s knowledge by reading them.

There are four categories on this website.

New Movies، Comedy Movies، Best Movies، Movies News

The New Movies category highlights and discusses new movies this year and last year’s new movies.

Comedy movies in the comedy movies category are highly discussed and brought to readers of best movies of any era or any year.

Best Movies focuses on the best movies in the history of the world and they are talked about in all categories and especially in this category films that add to the knowledge of the audience.

Movies News discusses new movies and related news related to previous movies and mostly focuses on the latest news.


My name is Sahib Aslam. I have been working in news agencies for the past five years. I love writing good content. I write newsbase articles that are liked all over the world. People read my articles. So I designed this website so that I can publish my newsbase articles on this website. From which the people of the whole world can benefit. I always write factually. I have always written articles that follow Google’s policies.

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About our company


The international news center was registered in 2023 with the aim of offering world-class entertainment content across the globe. Till now we are doing our work with hard work and dedication.
After completing my education, I started working in news agencies. But I realized that people want to know information about movies through Google. Then I quit my job and started the International News Center.
This company is not for a particular country or nation but for people all over the world. Anyone can read the articles published by this company and increase their knowledge. We provide factual and truthful information to people from our unique perspective.