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Sleeping Dogs Story cast &release date

Here is complete info about Sleeping Dogs Story cast &release date

Sleeping Dogs Story

Sleeping Dogs 2024 movie . This is an interesting crime thriller in which Russell Crowe has played his role, which is a spy of a former massacre whose memory has now deteriorated. He is forced to remember a case that he cannot remember. As if a person died. It has to collect evidence of a decade -old murder investigation

Release date: March 22, 2024

Genre: Thriller . Crime

Sleeping Dogs Cast

writer: Adam Cooper Bill Collage E.O. Chirovici

Director: Adam Cooper

Russell Crowe as Roy Freeman
Karen Gillan as Laura Baines
Marton Csokas as Joseph Wieder
Tommy Flanagan as Jimmy Remis
Kelly Greyson as Emily Dietz
Elizabeth Blackmore as Dana Olsen
Lucy-Rose Leonard as Lulu
Thomas M. Wright as Wayne Devereaux
Lynn Gilmartin as Diane Lynch
Jasper Bagg as Oren
Zara Michales as Yelena
Jane Harber as Catherine Finn
Ming-Zhu Hii as Dr. Margaret Xu
Harry Greenwood as Richard Finn
Simon Maiden as Eddie Finn
Pacharo Mzembe as Isaac Samuel
Paula Arundell as Susan Avery
Ryan O’Grady as Officer Mitchell
Cameron Leonard as Franklin
Frank Nappo as CSI Agent
Jackson Kheissy as Gabriel

Sleeping Dogs official trailer:

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