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Mark Wahlberg who costars with a dog in new film is allergic to dogs

Mark Wahlberg, best known for his roles in Hollywood, has a unique relationship with dogs on and off screen. Despite his deep love for these loyal companions, Mark Wahlberg has a problem, he is allergic to dogs. The juxtaposition of his allergies with his obvious fondness for canines makes for a great story.

Despite allergies, Mark Wahlberg seamlessly transitions into the role of Ukai, an Australian shepherd-border collie-bouvier mix in “King Arthur.” Although Mark Wahlberg had personal struggles in this true story film, he did a great job in it, an effort that highlights his dedication to his craft.

Mark Wahlberg revealed the paradoxical reality of his life in an interview with People. She said that despite having four with her, she is allergic to dogs. Mark Wahlberg also said that he uses medication daily to maintain his bond with his beloved friends (pet dogs). So that their allergies go away.

The fact that Mark Wahlberg is allergic to dogs and yet he starred with a dog in “Arthur the King,” he didn’t let his allergy get in the way of his art is the mark of a great actor.

Arthur the king official trailer

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