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SS Rajamouli’s and Mahesh Babu Next Film update

The mastermind of big projects like “Baahubali” and “Rudram Ranam Rudhiram (RRR), SS Rajamouli is all set to enthrall the audience once again with his upcoming project.” The new film will be titled Forest Adventure and will feature charismatic superstar Mahesh Babu.

The collaboration of the actor and the director in this exciting jungle adventure has made the fans even more excited as their projects are already hugely popular among the fans.

During a recent visit to Japan, Rajamouli shared complete information about the project, from the writing to the pre-production stage.

During his recent visit to Japan, Rajamouli shared information about the new film

Main characters and casting:

Mahesh Babu will play the lead role, Rajamouli further revealed that the rest of the casting is in the process of being finalised.

With the writing phase complete, the production team is now focusing on the intricate tasks of pre-production, from set design to location scouting, meticulously crafting every detail to bring Rajamouli’s vision to life.

Production Team:

Industry icon KL Narayana is teaming up with a top Hollywood studio to produce the project.

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