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Pedro Pascal’s Memorable SAG Awards Acceptance Speech: “I’m a Little Drunk!

Pietro Pascal won the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series for his role in HBO’s The Last of Us, but his acceptance speech opened a new Pandora’s Box as he took the ceremony to the next level.

Pietro Pascal humorously admitted that he thought he wasn’t going to win the awards, which is why he indulged in drinking during the ceremony.

Candid Revelations and Emotional Gratitude

Speaking at the event, Pedro Pascal made it clear that this is wrong for several reasons. I’m a little drunk. , Pascal expressed his heartfelt thanks for the honor, acknowledging his long-standing membership in the union.

Thanks to the teary eyes and the abrupt ending

Tears welled up in Pascal’s eyes as he thanked his family as his speech took an emotional turn when he said, “I’m going to have a panic attack and I’m leaving.”

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