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Dreams of Darkness story cast& release date

Dreams of Darkness 2024 Story cast & Release date full info & official trailer

Dreams of Darkness Story

Dreams of Darkness is a 2024 movie whose story is as follows. Derek Fabri’s disappearance of his wife plunges him into a world of supernatural greed and sexual evil.

Dreams of Darkness cast

Writer: Miles Jonn-DaltonNikolai Malden

Director: Nikolai Malden

  • Miles Jonn-Dalton as Derek Fabry
  • Pia Bertucci as Elyse
  • Renee Domenz as Carmilla Karnstein
  • Libby Amato as Elizabeth
  • Marissa De Los Rios as Nuala
  • Thomas Fournelle as Professor Rolfe
  • Laura Cramer as Esmerelda
  • Paul Malden as Julian
  • Colleen DuVall as Elsa Karnstein
  • Jennifer Louise Shaw as Vanessa Fabry
  • Jeana Stillman as Tanya Carlsen
  • Jennifer Frey as Spectre in White
  • Laurence Gold as Knock
  • Markus Scorpio as Bartholomew
  • Lamberto Orsini as Magistrate
  • Scott M. Gardner as Nehemiah
  • Josephine St. Louis as Romilda
  • Charles Weishampel as Morla
  • Victoria Towns as Anne
  • Michelle Anomaly as Abigail
  • Ron St. Louis as Anton Fabry

Dreams of Darkness Release date

 Dreams of Darkness Release date is March 23, 2024

Production companies of Dreams of Darkness

Cinefilm Transinternational

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