A man named James Hawes is standing. In the upper two corners are mock images of the AI.

AI-driven shows ‘inevitable’, could be here in 3-5 years, predicts james hawse

British director James Hughes is known for his work with famous actors such as Gary Oldman and Anthony Hopkins. He predicts AI-produced movies and TV shows in the next 3 to 5 years. His statement is being viewed with concern.

The Impending Reality: AI’s Creative Potential

Hawes predicts a near future where AI can generate scenes based on simple visual or verbal cues. And can make huge videos. In this work, we can look at the recent release of OpenAI’s text-to-video model, Sora, to see how much AI technology has advanced.

Human Creativity vs. AI Precision

Acknowledging AI’s impressive capabilities, Hawes emphasizes the irreplaceable role of human creativity and spontaneity in the filmmaking process. Give examples of human elements that contribute to the art of storytelling.

Well, for those friends who are very impressed with AI and fear that human jobs will disappear in the near future, our message to them is that AI can never think like a human and the biggest flaw is that AI. It’s all about creativity. . AI can never create anything. It cannot think of anything. It can’t create anything new that humans can because AI doesn’t have ideas.

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