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Walt Disney World Raises Ticket Prices for 2025

Brace yourself Walt Disney World fans. Because Walt Disney World Unveils 2025 Ticket Deals That Increase Big 2025 Tickets .Many ticket prices are higher than last year.

Ticket Price Hikes

For starters, the cheapest single-day single-park tickets for the 2025 season have seen a $10 increase, for example weekday tickets to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in late August. It has risen from $109 in 2024 to $119 next year.

Similarly, different periods have seen significant increases in one-day tickets to different parks, for example a weekly visit to Animal Kingdom in late April will set you back $169 in 2024, up from $164 in 2024. is more. And so the Magic Kingdom has become 5 dollars more expensive.

Water Park Perk for Disney Resort Guests

The good news for Disney guests amid price hikes is that Walt Disney World has made the deal much easier for guests booking stays at Disney Resorts hotels through 2025. As you know, Disney fans are gearing up for another magical year at the parks.

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