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Kim Kardashian Lands Lead Role in New Suspenseful Movie

Less than a year after enthralling audiences with her role in American Horror Story Delicate, Kim Kardashian is all set to star in a new suspenseful film.

Key Details Revealed:

Many details about the film have also been revealed and many details have been kept under tight wraps like the plot and title of the film have been kept under wraps, besides some other important elements are also said to be revealed. is going. That the project is an original thriller written by Natalie Karinsky, best known for her work on popular TV series such as the romantic comedy Broken Hearts Gallery and Gossip Girl. Krinsky will also step into the role of producer alongside Bruna Papandrea, but we’ll be sure to share more with you as soon as we get more information.

Kim Kardashian’s Acting Journey:

Kim Kardashian’s transition from reality star to actress began with her role as Emma Roberts as publicist and confidant Siobhan in American Horror Story Delicate, which premiered in September 2023. Which left a deep impression on the audience.

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