A Man Standing is a scene from the movie The Third Man

The Third Man Story cast & Release date

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The Third Man story

The Third is a 1949 film about Holly Martins, an American pulp writer. who visits Vienna Austria after World War II. Martins goes to look for a job with his childhood friend Harry but finds him dead .Martins concocts a plot after learning about a third man present at the time of Harry’s death.

The Third Man cast

writer: Graham Greene Orson Welles Alexander Korda

Director: Carol Reed

  • Harry Lime: Orson Welles
  • Holly Martins: Joseph Cotten
  • Anna Schmidt: Alida Valli
  • Maj. Calloway: Trevor Howard
  • ‘Baron’ Kurtz: Ernst Deutsch
  • Sgt. Paine: Bernard Lee
  • Karl: Paul Hörbiger
  • Crabbin: Wilfrid Hyde-White
  • Dr. Winkel: Erich Ponto
  • Popescu: Siegfried Breuer
  • Anna’s Old Landlady: Hedwig Bleibtreu
  • Harry Belcher:
  • Sherilyn Fenn:
  • Simon Callow:
  • MP: Lee Strasberg
  • Moira Redmond:
  • Manlio Busoni:
  • Augusto Marcacci:

The Third Man Release date:

The Third Man Release date is September 3, 1949

Production companies of The Third Man

London Film Productions

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