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Movies that actually show the apocalypse

Here are the movies that actually show the apocalypse

  1. Dr. Strange Love (1964) This film is directed by Steele Kubrick. The film is a suspenseful black comedy that tells the story of the events that occur due to a nuclear crisis. Which can lead to the destruction of the world.
  2. The Omega Man (1971) The film starred Charlton Heston. It is a science fiction film The story of this film tells the story of a world that was destroyed by a plague where only a few children are left.
  3. Mad Max (1979) This movie is directed by George Miller. It is an Australian dystopian action film. Which introduces such a world to its viewers. Which is on the verge of destruction due to lawlessness and social evils.
  4. The Road Warrior (1981) The film follows the titular character. When he is subjected to violence and disorder. And he wanders into a desolate wasteland.
  5. Threads(1984) It is a British television documentary drama. In which the story of the effects of nuclear war on the residents of Sheffield, England is told.
  6. The Day After(1993) It is an American television film about the post-nuclear war situation of the citizens of Lawrence, Kansas.
  7. Akira(1988)It is a Japanese animated film. which describes a secret government project that uncovers psychic powers.
  8. The Road (2009) This movie is based on Cormac McCarthy’s novel. This film tells the story of a father and son.
  9. Mad Max : Fury Road (2015) This is an episode of the Mad Max series. This movie is full of action.
  10. Snowpiercer (2013) This movie is directed by Bong Joon Ho. This is a science fiction sensational movie.


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