best Jackie Chan movies

best Jackie Chan movies

It was very important to talk about the best Jackie Chan movies, so our article is about the 5 best Jackie Chan films.

5 best Jackie Chan movies

MoviesRelease dateRole
Drunken MasterOctober 5, 1978Wong Fei-hung
Police StoryDecember 14, 1985Senior Inspector
Project ADecember 22, 1983Dragon Mi Yong
Shanghai NoonMay 23, 2000Chon Wang
Rumble in the BronxJanuary 21, 1995Keung

Review on Drunken Master

Drunken Master poster
Drunken Master poster

Drunken Master ranks first among the best Jackie Chan movies.. This movie was released on October 5, 1978

Writer: Edward Tang

Director: Yuen Woo-ping

Drunken Master Story

The story of Drunken Master revolves around a mischievous young man who is the son of a martial arts school teacher. This movie is the story of Wang Fei Hong.

After several incidents, Fei-Hong’s father enlists the help of his uncle to help him learn self-discipline. Afterwards, he learns how to fight on the go. His father is then killed.

Drunken Master Cast

Jackie Chan
Wong Fei Hung
Yuen Siu-tien
Su Hua Chi, Sam Seed
Vien Hoa Binh
Man with bucket of greens
Hwang Jang-lee
Thunderfoot, Thunderleg
Hsia Hsu
King of Bamboo Hsu Ching Tien
Dean Shek
Professor Kai-Hsien
Ti LungLinda Lin
Fei-hung’s aunt
Brandy Yuen
Ying’s Student
Fung Ging-man
Mr. Li
Ha Huang
Master Chao
Yuen Shun-yi
Charlie Wei, Chen Kuo-Wei
Kau Lam
Wong Kei-ying, Robert Wong
Kwai Shan
Iron Head Rat
Long Tien Cheung
Wong Chi Ming
Waiter with Silly Teeth
Wang HoChun Hua LiPan Pan YeungChiang Kam
Da Kuai-Dai
Anita MuiBolo YeungFelix WongShih Kien
Lin DaiTang Ching
Hung’s Cousin

Review on Police Story

Police Story poster
Police Story poster

Police Story is the second best Jackie Chan movies. The film was released on 14 December 1985.

Writer: Jackie Chan

Director: Jackie Chan

Story of Police Story

Police Story The story of the film revolves around a policeman who is accused of being a murderer. And he runs away. The film stars Jackie Chan as Kevin Chen, who plays a cop who arrests a drug dealer. After a witness betrays China, China searches for the witness.

This movie is very interesting and the credit goes to Chan who has given a great performance to make this movie a hit.

Police Story cast

Jackie Chan
Senior Inspector Chan Kwok Wing
Maggie Cheung
Brigitte Lin
Selina Fong
Bill Tung
Bill Wong
Chor Yuen
Mr. Chu
Kwok-Hung Lam
Supt. Raymond Li
Benny Lai
Charlie Cho
John Ko
Bowie Wu
Shau Tau Kok Station Commander
Kent Tong
Jessica Gee-George
Lau Dan
Drug Dealer
Ben Lam
Tai Bo
Bridget Hoffman
Selina Fong
Fung Hark-On
Danny Koo
David Lau Chi Wing
Ping Wu
Chan Ka Kui
Jean Gilpin
Additional Voices
Chi Fai Chan
Koo’s man #2
Paul Chang Chung
Clarence Fok
King Chu Lee
Koo’s man on bus
Rocky Lai
Koo’s man #4
Yun-Kin Chow
Koo’s man #1
Ken LoYuen Wah

Review on Project A

Project A poster
Project A poster

Project A is Jackie Chan’s third best film. The film was released on 22 December 1983.

Writer: Jackie Chan

Director: Jackie Chan

Project A Story

If we talk about the story of this movie, its story revolves around Dragon Man who is a lieutenant. Pirates terrorize local waters with the help of corrupt rulers. But Dragon Ma tries to thwart his plan.

Project A Story cast

Jackie Chan
Dragon Mi Yong
Sammo Hung
Biu Yuen
Captain Tzu
Dick Wei
Lor Sam Pau
Isabella Wong
Kwan Hoi-San
Captain Chi
Hoi Sang Lee
Li Chou Kou
Benny Lai
Coast Guard
Johnny Chang
Ling’s Thug
Wu Ma
Tai Bo
Bill Tung
Hark-Sun Lau
Lieutenant Shih
Ho Kai Law
Club Manager
Yeong-mun Kwon
Lola Forner
Rear Admiral’s Daughter
Chin Kar-Lok
Police Coast Employee
Wong Wai
Chow Wing Ling
Fung Ging-manYee San Hon
Danny Trejo
Lo Sam Pau
Yun-Kin ChowTau ChuNg Lai-chu
Chi Fai Chan
Tau Wan Yue
Mahjong Parlor Officer
Lau Fong-SaiNg Min Kan
Jennifer Paz
Maggie CheungCarina LauRosamund Kwan

Review on Shanghai Noon

Shanghai Noon poster
Shanghai Noon poster

Shanghai Noon is the fourth best Jackie Chan movies . The film was released on May 23, 2000.

Writer: Alfred Gough and Miles Millar

Director: Tom Dey

Shanghai Noon Story

The story of the film revolves around an imperial guard who travels to the Wild West to rescue a kidnapped princess. Jackie Chan has played the role of Chun Wang very well in this movie.The Imperial Guard operates in a city in China. When Princess Pei-Pi flees to the United States with her teacher, the emperor sends guards to find them and orders them to be brought back.

Shanghai Noon cast

Jackie Chan
Chon Wang
Owen Wilson
Roy O’Bannon
Lucy Liu
Princess Pei Pei
Brandon Merrill
Indian Wife
Eric Chen
Imperial Guard #3
Roger Yuan
Lo Fong
Walton Goggins
Jason Connery
Xander Berkeley
Van Cleef
Adrien Dorval
Eliza Norbury
Dream Sequence Hooker #1
Tom Heaton
Saloon Bartender
Shayne Wyler
Saloon Gambler #4
Terry King
Saddle Rock Townfolk #2
Stan Isadore
Chief’s Entourage #2
Russell Badger
Sioux Chief
Rafael Báez
Kate Luyben
Sam Simon
Chief’s Sidekick
Stacy Grant
Hooker in Distress
Rad Daly
Saddle Rock Deputy
Yu Rongguang
Imperial Guard #1
Lisa Stafford
Blonde on Train
Jim Shield
Saloon Gambler #2
Valerie Planche
Jedadiah’s Wife
Rick Ash
Jedediah Smith
Curtis ArmstrongMike MitchellJody Thompson
Yevgeniya Igumnova
Lee Jay Bamberry
Van Cleef Deputy #1
Christy Greene
Train Passenger #2
Kendall Saunders
Dream Sequence Hooker #2
Alan Peterson
Saddle Rock Sheriff
Henry O
Royal Interpreter

Review on Rumble in the Bronx

Rumble in the Bronx  poster
Rumble in the Bronx poster

Rumble in the Bronx ranks Fifth among the best Jackie Chan movies.. This movie was released on January 21, 1995

Writer : Edward Tang and Fibe Ma

Director: Stanley Tong

Rumble in the Bronx Story

Released in 1995, Rumble in the Bronx is an action film that revolves around a police officer. The police officer is played by Jackie Chan. Jo goes to New York to attend her uncle’s wedding. Jackie Chan uses his martial arts skills to defend innocent people. The film follows his uncle selling his store and his wife being away on their honeymoon. The movie is very interesting.

Rumble in the Bronx Cast

Jackie Chan
Stanley TongAnita Mui
Françoise Yip
Garvin Cross
Marc Akerstream
Bill Tung
Uncle Bill
Morgan Lam
Ailen Sit
Tony’s Gang Member #1
Man-Ching Chan
Tony’s Gang Member #2
Eddy Ko
Prospective Market Buyer
Jamie LukRichard FaraciElliot Ngok
Walter Wah
Ching Ho-wai
Mrs Tina Cheung
Wakin Chau
Jordan Lennox
Lauro David Chartrand-DelValle
Tony’s Gang Member #5
Lance Gibson
Tony’s Gang Member #7
Carrie Cain-Sparks
Whitney Ma
Richard O’SullivanAlex To
Ice Cream Customer
Alf HumphreysDean MckenzieKimani Ray Smith
Kathy HubbleOwen WalstromGlen ChinAnita EkbergAnnabelle Louie
Johnny LeeWai Ching HoMarsLisa StevensRick Pearce

We have got complete information about Jackie Chan best movies. We have done complete review on 5 best Jackie Chan movies Find complete answers to almost all questions

What made Jackie Chan popular?

Jackie Chan is known for his excellent acting in all his roles.Apart from this, he is also known for action films. Along with this, Jackie Chan’s name also revolves around Hollywood blockbuster movies. He has mesmerized the audience in each of his performances that’s why he is so popular.

What are some must watch Jackie Chan movies?

Police Story (1985)
Drunken Master (1978)
Project A (1983)
Wheels on Meals (1984)
Armour of God (1986)
Rumble in the Bronx (1995)
Police Story 3: Supercop (1992)
The Legend of Drunken Master (1994)
Shanghai Noon (2000)
Rush Hour (1998)

Who is best Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan?

Both Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan were great actors and they have amazed the world with their acting. But if our question is which of them is better, the answer is both. Because the acting of both is excellent but the viewers have their own test.

Is Jackie Chan famous in Japan?

Yes, Jackie Chan is famous in Japan Since China has good relations with Japan, it is a clear trend for celebrities to become famous here.

Is Jackie Chan a comedy?

Jackie Chan is initially known for action films but you can call him the master of action comedy. Jackie Chan rose to fame with action movies

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